Cellular Jail:-

Cellular jail located in Port Blair, is a mute witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters, which were Captured, tortured and hanged in this jail. The Cellular jail, built by British’s to give an isolated and very rigorous punishment to the freedom fighters it was started and completed in the year 1906 and the named as “CELLULAR" because it is entirely made up on individual cells in 7 wings presently there are only three wings rest of the four melted to make hospitals its meant for the solitary confinement of the prisoners.
Getting There:- Located in the city walking distance from Aberdeen Bazaar. The Jail Memorial is open all the weekdays except Monday and Govt. Holidays.

   Water Sports Complex:-

Water Sports Complex. If offers all possible aqua-sport facilities like Water-skiing, Sail boats, Windsurfing, Speed Boats etc. At the entrance a Memorial for the Battle of Aberdeen fought between British’s and Andamanee aboriginals in 1859 and A Tsunami Memorial in memories of the Resident of Andaman Nicobar Islands is erected. There is also a small Beach and also avails the refresh Rooms.
Ideal For:- Ideal For:- Kayaking, peddle Boat and swimming at beach side and Rest under Tree shading Benches.
Getting There:-Located in the city walking distance(400 Mtrs) from Aberdeen Bazaar open all weekdays and mostly crowded on Weekends and holidays.

   Red Skin Island (Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park):-

The park provides a rich and varied habitat for marine animals which range from the smallest zoo plankton to the large sea mammals like Dolphins. The Islands inside the park are also the best nesting grounds for four species of Marine turtles including the Green sea, Leather Back, Hawk bill and Olive Ridley.The redskin Island in the MGMNP park has a nice beach, and offers spectacular view of corals and marine life. Yet another Island in the MGMNP Park is the Jolly Buoy which offers breath-taking underwater view of corals. The Glass-bottom boats help the tourist to take a closer look at the coral colonies. It is an ideal place for snorkeling, sea-bathing and sun-kissed beach.

   Chidiya Tapu Beach:-

Chidiya Tapu is the southernmost tip of South Andaman. As its name this is favorite destination for bird watchers. Its lush green mangroves, forest cover with numerous chirping birds and the white Sands beach make it an ideal picnic site. A very beautiful beach named Munda Pahad near by is very famous amongst the local people.  ChidiyaTapu biological Zoo : it offer a view to the species like salt water crocodiles ,snakes, pythons, eagles and other endangered species a natural look in the natural environment.
Ideal For:- Trekking ,swimming and diving.
Getting There:- Walking distance from city just 42 km and. This Zoo opens all the weekdays except monday.

   Ross Island:-

The erstwhile administrative headquarters of the British was situated here in early 20th century. Manicured lawns that led up to clubhouses, swimming pools, granaries, officers messes, tennis courts and a majestic church lie in ruins, reclaimed by nature after an earthquake in June 1941. Deer and peacock call this home. A small museum opens doors to the by gone era. The island is small and waits to get walked the history. Lots of Deers and peacocks are adding the natural enhance to visitors.
Getting There:
-Frequent ferry service are available from Water Sport Complex till 1.30 pm. The island is open all the weekdays except Wednesday.

   Corbyns Cove Beach:-

Corbyns cove beach is situated 7 kms from Port Blair. This coconut- palm fringed beach, is This is the only beach within the city a very short distance, one can enjoy the cool sea breeze and Spectacular view of blue waters. the complex has restaurant and refreshment facilities available.

Ideal For:-
Swimming at beach side and Rest under Tree shading Benches and jet ski and speed boat facility are now available here.
Getting There:
-Frequent Bus services are available from bus Stand. This beach open all the weekdays.

   Chatham Saw Mill:-

The Chatham saw mill, one of the oldest and largest wood mills in Asia. Back to 1836, this enormous workshop was built padauk wood (expensive wood variety). Built on a tiny island, is connected to Port Blair by bridge. It is a store- base of timbers like Padauk, Gurjan, Marble, Satinwood etc.

Getting There:-Frequent Bus services are available from bus Stand. This Mill open all the weekdays till 01.30 pm Except Monday and National Holidays.

   Samudrika Museum:-   

The Samudrika is a Marine museum owned and run by the Indian Navy. The museum gives a good retrospect of the history, geography, people, marine life and archaeology of these islands. It houses an impressive display of coral and shells.

Getting There:
-Walking distance from city just 1.2 km . This museum opens all the weekdays except Monday and National Holidays.

   Anthropological Museum:-

The Anthropological Museum, situated at the heart of Port Blair is one of its kinds. It gives glimpses of the tribal native peoples of the islands. It displays tribal essentials and artifacts such as boats, weapons, baskets, clothing, photographs, models and records of exploratory expeditions undertaken over the years. A well-stocked library provides the scholar with invaluable references to tribal culture.

Getting There:-
Walking distance from city just 200 mtrs. This museum opens all the weekdays except Tuesday and National Holidays.

   Geological Survey of India Museum:-

Situated at Haddo (close to Mini Zoo), this museum offers an insight into forest treasure of the islands. The activities of the forest department are depicted via scale models and displays decorative pieces made of famous woods like Padauk, Marble, Peauma, Gurjan, Satin Wood, etc.

Getting There:-
Walking distance from city just 200mtrs. This museum opens all the weekdays except Tuesday and National Holidays.

   Radhanagar Beach:-

Radhanagar Beach:-known as the most beautiful beach in Asia and also known as 7 no. Beach an ideal milky white sand Beach for Surfing, swimming and taking a ideal sun bath or take rest beyond the Disturbance and stress beneath the Trees Shaded Beach.Elephanta Beach:-Famous Because of the corals and shells surrounded beach and the most of the snorkeling and diving takes place.
Ideal For:-Snorkeling, scuba diving, elephant ride and spending time with nature.
Getting There:- Frequent Govt. ferry, Cruiseliner (Makruzz), Sea plane and Helicopter Services are available. The island is open all the weekdays.

   Marina Park:-

Marina Park and Aquarium is a prime attraction in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located in the unspoiled seashore close proximity to Water Sports Complex. The local inhabitants and the visiting tourists use this park for spending their valuable evenings by enjoying the nature's gifts of pristine beauty, stunning sea waves and lush green vegetations.

Ideal For:-Spending evening time near by sea.
Getting There:
-Located in the city walking distance from Aberdeen Bazaar.

   Shopping In Andaman Islands:-

Shopping in Andaman is a delightful experience. There are so many choices to choose from. The capital city of Port Blair is a major shopping centre where you can shop for a lot of things like corals, seashells, shell jewellery, tortoise shells, palm mats, coconut products like lamps, bowls, etc.

   Mount Harriet:-

Once the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner during the bygone the British era, and the highest point in Port Blair is an ideal trekking place. A short distance by ferry boat and about 55 km from Port Blair via road, Mount Harriet has a Forest Guest House with lovely eco-friendly huts at a height of about 365 m from sea level.
Ideal For:-
Trekking and jungle walk and Jungle Safari.
Getting There:-A road direct distance from city 48 km and can be go through connecting ferry of Chatham to Bambooflat and then 6 km by road opens all the weekdays.

   North Bay Beach:-

North Bay Beach is just north of Port Blair. The beach and the snorkeling opportunities in its fringing coral reefs are the closest ones you will find in Port Blair, and therefore, it gets crowded. A ferry (9 AM and 2 PM; 30 minutes) will take you across Aberdeen Jetty and bring you back after a 3 hour stay. The corals at North Bay are rather good and spread over large area. You’re very likely to spot many fish, a lobster or two, or even clams on the coral reef. Snacks and basic meals are available in some shacks on the Beach.
Getting There:-
It takes two hours from Chidiyatapu & three-and-a-half hours from Wandoor to travel to this island by boat.

   Kalapathar Beach:-

The Kalapathar Beach is situated on one corner of Havelock Island.You have to travel along the Road From Beach no#3 and Beach no#5 The beach gets its name from the surrounding village called Kalapathar Village and the black rocks (Kalapathar Rocks) that adorn the coastline here.

Ideal For:- swimming and snorkeling.
Reaching There:-Ferry Service is available twice in a day from the local Phoenix Bay Jetty at Port Blair.

  Wandoor Beach:-

Wandoor is a small village near the southern tip of South Andaman. It has some beaches and a couple of accommodation options and is a nice place to relax, but it is more known as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Ideal For:-Swimming and snorkeling.

   Baratang Island:-

Baratang holds the nature’s best treasures gifted to the Islands i.e. Limestone caves, Active Mud Volcano, the Mangrove eco system, Parrot Island is a rare attraction for bird lovers. Baratang island is connected by ATR Road (Andaman Trunk Road) The Road journey from Port Blair to Baratang through a dense rainforest is a eco-adventure trip for tourist.
Ideal For:-
Trekking,jungle walk and speed boat ride.

Reaching There:- 64 km away and Govt. and Tourist Coach Service is available from Port Blair. opens all the weekdays except Monday.