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Privacy Policy Andaman Sand Bay

What personally information does Andaman Sand Bay Collect?

Depending on how the client chooses to interact with us, we collects personally identifiable information to allow us to provide the services as requested. Such information includes: 
1. Client’s name, address, date of birth, gender, email address, telephone numbers, postal address, passport and travel insurance details as well as previous outdoor experiences. 
2. Details of previous trips or events the client has attended or enquiry about 
3. Information provided through Andaman Sand Bay customer surveys
4. The Client’s travel preferences 5. Any extra information collected and provided by the client’s travel agent or other third party websites the client may book Andaman Sand Bay trips through.

How does Andaman Sand Bay collect the client’s personal information?

 When making an enquiry or booking a trip, Andaman Sand Bay holds certain information so that it can transact your request.
The client may supply their information when making an Andaman Sand Bay website, sending Andaman Sand Bay a direct email, providing information over the phone, interacting with Andaman Sand Bay social media channels, subscribing to competitions on Andaman Sand Bay website or various social media channels, or at third party events, through market research, or by supplying their information to a third party, for example a travel agent or online affiliate who they utilise. Andaman Sand Bay updates client information where possible to ensure it fulfills all requests .
When clients visit Andaman Sand Bay websites Andaman Sand Bay collects information, such as the client’s IP address, via the use of cookies. Andaman Sand Bay also tracks a visitor’s behavior to help provide it with analytical insights. Clients can review our cookie policy further below.

Why does Andaman Sand Bay need to collect and store personal data?

In order for Andaman Sand Bay to provide clients with the best ability to book a tour it needs to collect personal data for correspondence purposes and/or detailed service provision. In any event, Andaman Sand Bay a is committed to ensuring the information collected and used is appropriate for the purpose and does not constitute an invasion of clients’ privacy. In terms of being contacted for marketing purposes Andaman Sand Bay a will contact clients for additional consent.

 How does Andaman Sand Bay protect client data?

Andaman Sand Bay  website takes all necessary measures to protect clients’ personal information. Entering confidential information via  Andaman Sand Bay  web pages is protected online and offline. If customer confidential information (such as personal information) is required on the registration form, it is encrypted and protected by SSL protocol. Besides using SSL encryption, in order to protect customer information on the Internet, Andaman Sand Bay makes every effort to protect the same information offline. Access to all client information, not only to the aforementioned confidential information, is limited. The confidential information is accessible only to employees who need them in order to provide the requested services.

 How will Andaman Sand Bay use the personal data it collects?

 Andaman Sand Bay will process (collect, store and use) the information provided by clients in a manner compatible with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Andaman Sand Bay endeavors to keep client information accurate and up-to-date, and does not hold information longer than is necessary. Andaman Sand Bay is required to retain information in accordance with the law, such as information needed for income tax and audit purposes. How long certain kinds of personal data should be kept may also be governed by specific business-sector requirements and agreed practices. Personal data may be held in addition to these periods depending on individual business needs.

 Who does Andaman Sand Bay share client information with?

 Sharing client information is required to fulfill bookings and enquiries. Andaman Sand Bay does not sell or trade any of its collected clients’ personal information,Andaman Sand Bay  only shares client information with other suppliers who require it to fulfill the booking.Andaman Sand Bay has no control over how these suppliers hold or utilise clients’ personal information.Andaman Sand Bay   is required to share client information with overseas local authorities in order to obtain relevant permits that are required to fulfill the requested booking.
Andaman Sand Bay  may at times operate competitions or other promotions where the client will be asked if they are happy to share their information with a third-party partner. That third party will be clearly identified. In such cases, if the client gives clear consent for their information to be shared  Andaman Sand Bay   will do so.
 Andaman Sand Bay  may share information with external market research companies for research purposes only. They will not be authorized to hold clients’ information for any other purpose.

 How long will Andaman Sand Bay keep clients’ personal information?

Clients’ personal information provided to Andaman Sand Bay will be retained for so long as we have a legitimate interest to inform the client of our services, or until our contractual relationship has terminated, as the case may be. As  Andaman Sand Bay   may use different types of information for different purposes, the applicable retention periods will vary. For instance, client contact details will be retained for a number of years for fulfilling  Andaman Sand Bay   tax related obligations and/or for providing best possible services for future bookings, while payment information will be kept for a shorter period until payment is completed and confirmed.

 Changes to this Privacy policy

Andaman Sand Bay reserves the right to update or alter this Privacy policy from time to time. The client can request a copy of a previous version of our Privacy policy.
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