i Do's and Don's In Andaman |Andaman Sand Bay|

  1. Before starting your journey, all the visitors are advised to confirm their Air/ Ship tickets and accommodation reservation well in advance with your travel agent before proceeding to Andaman Islands to avoid any reservation problem.
  2. Foreign national should obtain the required permit form the immigration authorities soon after landing on the Island at Airport/ Harbour.
  3. Obtain permits from the Chief Wildlife Warden in case you are interested in taking photographs/videos/investigation inside a sanctuary or a Marine National Park.
  4. While driving, follow the traffic rules, keep left. Carry legal documents like driving license, permit, passports etc.
  5. Always carry legal documents like permit, passport for foreign national and valid Photo Identity Card for Indians.
  6. Consult Life Guards before entering sea and Swim in safe area only.
  7. Keep the beaches and the environment clean. Polybags have been banned in Island, kindly use Jute/Cotton and Paper Bags.

  1. Foreign Nationals should not enter the Islands without required valid permit.
  2. Do not enter in restricted and tribal areas.
  3. Do not take video, film or photographs inside Tribal Reserve Areas and of the indigenous tribes.
  4. Do not take pictures of the Airport, Government Dockyard, Defence establishments, Navel Wharf, Dhanikhari Dam and Chatham Saw Mill.
  5. Do not collect, destroy or touch/break live coral. Please do not stand on the coral reef while snorkeling/ Scuba Diving.
  6. Do not carry sea fans and seashells unless specific permits are obtained from the Forest Department.
  7. Do not throw garbage and plastic in public places,beaches and into the sea.
  8. Do not stay on the beaches or forest during nights by putting up tents / hammocks.